New Year, New You?

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

It’s a new year, which means it’s a fresh new start for some of us. Let’s talk new years resolution. Did you actually sit down this year to write about the changes you want to see? Or maybe you told yourself you want to travel more? Perhaps you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with all these bright ideas I have to offer, but it might get your thinking cap back on.

1.Budgeting: We often tell ourselves we don’t have money for certain things we want to buy. However, don’t tell yourself you can’t afford it. For every paycheck, you receive, set aside a decent amount for the item you wish to purchase. It might be a purse you have been eyeing for months or a pair of shoes, maybe that cute outfit you’ve seen online. Start budgeting, and start small, I promise it will make a difference with your spending habits.

2. Traveling: This is one of my favorites because we always tell ourselves, “I don’t have money to travel, or there’s nowhere to go.” Well, if you think that way, you’re never going to leave your comfort zone. Think about the area you live in. Do you live in the desert? Perhaps going to rivers, lakes, even renting quads to drive around the sand dunes. Of course, if there is a beach around your area, reserve a hotel for the weekend and enjoy some time needed with friends or family. You can always plan to travel to other countries or states you’ve never been to. Just make sure you make plans and put money aside for the trip.

3. Health: How often do you tell yourself you want to lose weight? Is it a constant yo-yo diet? How would you feel by keeping those couple pounds off not just for the year, but forever? If you find yourself trying hard crash diets, I recommend hiring a personal trainer, or try Beachbody, or even weight watchers? You’ll sure save a big chunk of money doing this yourself, but, will you stay committed to the plan? Not only do you want to look good in the outside, but you want to feel good in the inside as well.

4. Learn a new skill or hobby: Getting out of your comfort zone is very important. We are often scared of trying new things, or even the thought of the word “trying something new.” Ever done Kayaking? How about painting? There are many things out there that we can find relaxing. It’s just a matter of trying different things to find a new skill or hobby we probably never knew about.  Don’t be afraid and give it a try. Remember, you won’t be the first or last to burn a cookie if you find baking is one of your hobbies.

5. New job: Perhaps you’ve been in the same company for years, and have yet to see a difference in a pay increase, or maybe you’re career shifted in a different direction. Don’t be afraid to open that old resume you have saved in your laptop. Update your resume with your latest skills, and workplaces. Ask yourself if you’re happy in your current workplace and look online for a new job. Sure it might pay the bills, but you want to follow your passion and not your paycheck.

6. Quit Alcohol/Smoking: Exactly how much do you spend on alcohol or cigarettes a week? If you think about it, it adds up and comes in handy with budgeting. Think about how much money you would be saving if you didn’t purchase it? Be honest with yourself, when drinking, what good does it do? Makes you forget about problems for a couple of hours, but it still comes back. Alcohol and cigarettes are temporary, remember you can always seek help if needed. For the new year, try cutting that toxicity out of your life. Besides, no one likes kissing someone with cigarette breath.

7.Procrastinating: Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that does it. However, planning out and listing goals for the day usually helps to stay on track. Have a deadline coming up at school? Or reaching a goal at work? Break that big goal into pieces every day. Believe me, not only will it a huge weight off your shoulders, but you’ll be stress-free knowing you’re taking your time doing it right than wrong.

8.Volunteer: Ever wanted to feel good about yourself by giving back to your community? you can find volunteer opportunities anywhere you go, including in your local church. Or you can also volunteer at your local community food bank to prepare dishes for people in need. Believe me, a couple hours of volunteering makes a difference.

9. Play more: Everyone’s always busy with work or school, even both. Take some time during the weekend to go out and do some of the things you enjoy doing. Are you a huge baseball fan? Purchase nosebleeds tickets and invite one of your friends to the game. Remember that with the chaos you run around all week, you should always make time for yourself.

10. Spend more time with family/friends: How often do your family members or friends ask for your presence whether it’s for a holiday or to just hang out? Remember to always make time for them. We often get carried away with our responsibilities at home but make an effort once in a while to give your family members a call or pay them a visit. Not only does it bring you guys together, but it makes a difference to catch up on each other’s everyday life. 


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