Living La Vida in Florida

While living in Tampa, Florida, I now realize there was so much to do and see. From beaches to parks, you name it. This past summer, my mom and sister were visiting from Southern California (which was a blast by the way). The first thing they asked me when I saw them, “what are we doing tomorrow? What’s there to do in Tampa? where are the hot spots?” Then I realized that I didn’t know much about my surroundings. So yes, if you ask me what’s there to do in Tampa, I will reply with a brief answer like, uh… the beach? Wrong. This beautiful city has a lot to offer. I felt terrible because I had to work, I couldn’t take many days off, but I figured I would try my best.  I don’t mind theme parks, but my mom and sister are not big fans of it (especially since it’s expensive), so I figured I tried my best to make their vacation memorable. If you enjoy shopping, well so do I, however, not always in a mall. We decided to drive to Sunshine Thrift Store which is in South Tampa, and they still have good deals. This time I didn’t see people fighting over items lol. Let me tell you that you can find pretty good deals at the local thrift shop here. The next couple of days went by so fast! I let her borrow my car to take my sister out, but I’m glad I did since I had to work. Other must-see places they visited were; Clearwater Beach, walked around Downtown Tampa (through the Riverwalk), and we went out to Ybor City. If you’re ever in Tampa and want to go out bar hopping or to clubs, try visiting South Howard aka SoHo where you will be around ‘lots of college kids, but they have plenty of bars. Ybor City has a lot to offer as well, as it’s a whole strip of clubs, bars, restaurants, movies, tattoo shops, omg you name it! SO MUCH TO DO IN YBOR through the day, but mainly at night. If you’re a person that loves the beach and you just can’t get enough of it, here are some of my favorite beaches so far;. Treasure Island, Fort De Soto, Clearwater Beach (if you don’t mind a crowded beach), and if you’re up for a drive, try Ana Maria Island, Panama City Beach., and last but not least, South Beach in Miami 🙂

During the month of January, they have something called Gasparilla Parade (for both children and adults on different dates). I’ve experienced it on 3 different occasions and it has been a blast! To learn more about it, click on the link below.

If you’re up for theme parks, in Tampa they have Busch Gardens (which isn’t too bad if you’re not a fan of big crowds) and Adventure Island (water park) that’s right across from the park. Orlando is about an hour and thirty minutes from Tampa. Therefore, you have Disneyworld (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s, and the Animal Kingdom). Other parks around the area; Universal Studios, Sea World, Legoland, Fun Spot America, Gatorland, among others. So much to do in Orlando, if you have the money for it. Summertime here in Tampa tends to be super humid and of course HOT! My family and I used to drive up to the beach, fish, go out to the movies, go out to eat to different places. I mean it when I say it, there’s so much to do. It’s a beautiful part of Florida, and if you ever get bored in the area, my advice to you is to drive to different places. While my mom was here, I also decided to take them to Miami. We had such a great time in South Beach. We walked around, ate like there was no tomorrow, enjoyed the beach, and even took a peek where celebrities live. Miami is roughly about 4 1/2 hours away from Tampa. The drive isn’t bad. However, Miami’s traffic is horrible and super expensive. Worth visiting the area if you plan to attend the state of Florida in general. 


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