Be Persistent, Be Ambitious, Be YOU

Have you ever been turned down? Did you recently apply for a new job and received an email saying the company was going with someone else that met the qualifications for the position? Little obstacles that get in our way can be a pain but most of all discouraging. You see a big fat NO, and you automatically shut down. People say “don’t give up,” “don’t get discouraged,” or “you’ll find something better.” But is that true? How many times have you settled for a job you currently need to stay in to pay bills? Are you currently happy where you are at? If so, disregard this blog, but if you’re not, keep reading.

How often do you wake up hating your job? And yes, there’s such thing as hating your job but having to keep your job to pay bills. Some of us have a college degree; others are still finishing school; some have settled for the job they have. What if I told you there are more opportunities out there for you? in this case, you want to ask yourself, do you want a job or are you seeking a career? I’ve told myself plenty of times that I need a new job. It’s not because I’m not happy, it’s because I’m looking for something more challenging, a company I can continue to grow in as an individual. The reality of working in certain companies is that there are no opportunities after you’ve been hired. Just like everything in life you need to earn that promotion just like everybody else, but will you be happy with the new position? or is the new pay going to keep you happy? You have no idea how many people I’ve met that received their degree in the complete opposite subject of what they’re working in. The sad reality about not chasing their dreams is because they don’t have the adequate experience the company is looking for. Or maybe you realized accounting or teaching isn’t your passion, so you decide to stir to a different career. There is nothing wrong with that; I think it’s a great way of knowing and learning more about yourself. In life, you have to be persistent about the goals and career paths you want to take. As silly as it may sound to some, maybe you’re unhappy working your typical 9-5 job. Perhaps you want something more profound in which you can become your boss. I know you have a talent, use it, try it out. Have you not seen how many people nowadays use social media to sell stuff they enjoy making? I see people selling make-up, crochet items, wreaths, paintings, even food on Facebook and Instagram. Think about what you want in life; think about what makes you happy. I’ve met people who have such great jobs but are not fully satisfied. They say it’s too stressful, that the pay isn’t worth it, don’t be that person. Be passionate about what you love to do, the things you want others to see. Maybe you can be the next Einstein!

No is just another negative word that keeps us from reaching our goals. No is just another phrase to make us quit, to give up on ourselves. Be persistent, be positive, be happy. Think about how many times athletes and actors have been rejected for not being good enough. You’re good enough, and if acting, modeling, being a salesperson, being a chef, is your passion? Then go for it. Don’t settle for the opportunities you find that will make you happy for a couple of months; settle for the chances you’ll keep growing from. As the saying goes, always settle for more, never for less. Continue to be a goal digger regardless of those who say no. Be ambitious, be persistent, be patient, but most of all, be positive.


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