What kind of a friend are you?

Friends, don’t we all have them? You’re probably thinking to yourself, ” here we go again, a friendship post.” Well yes, you are CORRECT! However, when was the last time you really paid attention to the people you surround yourself with?

Remember when you were younger and your parents at some point said to you, “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you really are?”

“Ayyyyy mom, not even close, I’m nothing like Mary. You have nothing to worry about.” Lies, they are all lies. At some point we feel judged, left out, peer pressured by those we see as friends. But is that really normal? No. No one should ever make you feel like you are useless. We often meet people in our lives who are there to make a difference, and then there are those who we meet by accident.

However, don’t ever let a shitty person make you feel like you’re not worth it, or capable of meeting your goals.

We often find negative people that want to take advantage of us, that want to see us fail, that enjoy every minute of our sadness. But how often do we really meet the right person in our life? And let me just point out to you, this isn’t a “oh my soulmate is my best friend,” no mija.

This post is to simply ask yourself if you are indeed surrounded by the right group of people in your current life. We have all meet different types of friends, and although we might not always agree with the way they are, we still love them for who they are.

Don’t dwell on the past, but rather live the moment with the people that love you the most.

The Friend Who Can Read You Like A Book

  • This is towards the friend that knows everything about you, to include your body language and let alone your attitude. He/She often reads your mind, and knows exactly what to say. Are you that transparent that they know everything you’re thinking and feeling? (may be a little scary but damn, at least someone can read your moody ways).
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The Sarcastic Friend

  • Does she ever shut up? No, but really though? Many people and I mean many people do not understand her humor! She can be funny, but many don’t understand her humor, so they automatically think your friend is mocking someone else. Eyes roll everywhere and you of all people sometimes can’t tell if they are being serious or simply playing around. If this sounds like you, well congratulations, you are THE SARCASTIC FRIEND…haha..NO!
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The Smart Friend

  • Oh boy, here we go. The smarty pants out of the bunch. The straight A’s student who can help you in everything, and I mean everything. You can’t even argue with her because she is so smart and apparently KNOWS IT ALL. Yeah, super annoying at times but you may be thankful when you have a sturdy friend in your life. You often think to yourself, why ask google when you have Mary around.
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The Loyal Friend

  • The only person that sticks with you through thick and thin. Regardless of your differences and arguments, she’s the only that never leaves your side. When treated poorly, they often think they are either taken advantage of, they’re too stupid, or they’re just too loyal. Too loyal to put up with people’s shit. But you love that about them. Because they are the only ones to put up with your shit. The only person that never turns their back on you. She may be gone for a while, but comes back to you to keep putting up with your shit. Thanks friend!
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The Friend Who Is Just Like You

  • ” You were thinking it,” “I know but you said it.” Typical two peas in a pod. The Ying to your Yang. Like Mary-Kate and Ashley. You guys are just the same person, think the same, have so many similarities that you often think, “wait a minute, are you sure we are not related?” This is a one of a kind friend who is seriously just like you. She’s the sister from another mister! This is the type of a friend everyone needs. Careful though, you may often bump heads.
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The Friend Who Would Do Anything For You

  • It’s not stupidity. They would just drop everything they are doing to help you out. This person values your friendship more than everyone else. She is committed to your friendship and never expects anything in return. They often think people take their kindness for weakness but refuse to believe that is the case. This friend is never too busy or too far to help you when you’re stuck in a situation.
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The Quiet Friend

  • Everyone has this type of friend. She’s quiet, non-confrontational, very reserved, super quiet, and most of all shy. She can only be herself around you when she genuinely appreciates your company. Even though your mom always says to watch out for the quiet ones, chances are you might end up with at least one quite friend. Never really socializes but is clearly listening to everything that’s being said around her.
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The Motivating Friend

  • You can do it, I believe in you! Don’t we all have that one friend that often believe in us when we doubt ourselves? That friend that is constantly showing us motivation, and is usually positive about every situation. That friend tends to be successful and wants you to succeed as well.
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The Blunt Friend

  • #sorrynotsorry sound familiar? The one that doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything. LITERALLY! Does not think before she speaks, and although it can be annoying for some, you’ve adapt to it throughout your friendship. This is the friend that will talk about all your embarrassing moments you’ve spent together. The person that has no filter whatsoever. She’s great at giving you advice and does not hold her opinions back. Don’t take her bluntness the wrong way, that’s just the way she is.
Image result for sorry not sorry meme"

The Friend Who is Friends with Everyone

  • Ms. Popular, Ms. I’m the Shit, Ms. Every one thinks I’m the shit, Ms. My Shit don’t stink. Everyone is drawn to her, everyone loves her, she’s just your “to go to girl.” The friend everyone can turn too because she is neutral and the friend your acquaintances know. She’s loyal to her circle and you can’t go anywhere without running into someone she may know.
Image result for im very popular meme"

The CRAZY Friend

  • This is the friend that gives 0 FUCKS! The friend who is always down to do just about anything, anywhere, anytime. We often need a little craziness in our lives to balance us out. However, she may be too much at times. That bubbly friend who is always in a “let’s fuck shit up” mood is there for you to make some pretty wild memories together. She often makes decisions based on intuition versus feelings, and lives by the phrase, “YOLO” which means You Only Live Once.
Image result for crazymeme"

The Stubborn Friend

  • The friend that no matter WHAT YOU SAY she will do whatever she wants! She will not listen to what you have to say, although she will hear you out. She is not open to other people’s ideas or comments because she knows what is right and wrong. She doesn’t like when others don’t agree with her and will argue for hours until she gets her point across and prove to others she is right.
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The Life of the Party

  • She’s the life of the party, the little ray of sunshine that everyone just loves to be around with. That friend doesn’t care what others have to say because she’s too busy living her life. She doesn’t waste her time on negative nancy’s because she’s too busy livin la vida loca. She makes risky decisions because she knows life is nothing but a big damn party. She’s honest with you and you’ll notice she’s the life of your friendship too.
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The Attention Seeker

  • By far, the FAVORITE friend. The one that is always crying for attention. “Oh why me? why is John always trying to hook up with me? I push him away but yet he keeps coming back for more. Why me?” Although we get annoyed at them because they’re constantly making it about them and want people to feel sorry for them, we deep down love them. She will do anything to get noticed, she will say anything to be remembered. She’s not the best listener because she constantly wants to be the center of attention. They are good friends but remember that they will make your conversation about them (don’t say I didn’t tell you so).
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